How often should I replace my Dentures?

Many denture wearers tend to go many years past the time when their dentures should be replaced. Sometimes, it’s because they aren’t aware that dentures have an expiry, and other times it’s because they just don’t want to deal with it.

Dentures do not last forever, the teeth wear over time making chewing much more difficult. Generally there is little change in the material, except for the teeth. This too lends to the dentures needing to be replaced because the bone and gums change over time and are no longer the same as when the dentures were made, thus causing them to be loose, cause pain, or get food underneath.

Many times denture wearers use another person’s experience as a reference point. Thus, if their Mother, Father, Spouse or friend wore their denture for 20 plus years they are very upset when they have a 5-10 year old denture and a clinician tells them it needs to be replaced. A caution in this situation is just because someone you know has not been educated properly or doesn’t follow proper oral care, does not mean you should follow suit.

Another thing that happens as dentures age is they stop grinding food properly to aid digestion. In this situation, the digestive system has to work overtime to accommodate the loss of function of the teeth. Sometimes, this will be followed by digestive problems and pain, and excess gas.

A key thing to note when seeing someone wearing old, worn dentures is they have a very aged appearance. They have a shorter face, with their chin coming too close to their nose when they are eating, giving them a very prominent chin.

Replacing your dentures when they expire ensures you will continue to have secure fitting dentures that chew properly and keep you looking great, with proper lip and cheek support.