What is a SEMCD, or Suction Denture?

SEMCD is an acronym for Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture, or in very simple terms it is a Suction Lower Denture.

How is this different than the dentures I have now?

In the past, a persons’ lower denture has been fitted by the clinician pulling on the cheeks and lips to determine the edge or border of the denture. With SEMCD, or suction dentures, the clinician walks the patient through a series of sounds and mouth movements to determine the edge, or border of the denture. Thus, no two dentures are alike, as no two mouths are alike. It is a completely custom fitted appliance, that gives a fit with unsurpassed retention and stability.

I was told my current dentures are the best I could get, are the Suction dentures better?

The quality of the materials used to make the SEMCD or suction dentures, need to be top quality materials allowing for maximum accuracy of fit and leaving minimal margin for error.

Although the SEMCD technique is most exciting for lower denture wearers, due to the large amount of this population wearing loose, painful dentures, it is not only for lower denture wearers. The SEMCD technique is also used to make Complete Upper Dentures, as well. It is rare, but some individuals have ill fitting upper dentures too, and this method is extremely effective in these patients.

How do I know if I can have a Suction Denture?

If you, or someone you know has struggled with either a loose, or painful upper or lower denture, that is constantly getting food trapped underneath, we offer free consultations to help determine if a SEMCD or Suction Denture can be a solution.

Apprioximately 80% of the denture wearing population can attain suction, and even if suction isn’t possible due to mouth anomalies, a SEMCD is still 100% more stable and retentive than conventional dentures. You can’t lose!