Suction Enforced Mandibular Complete Dentures, or SEMCD for short, is a new technique for giving the best, custom fitted denture.

Suction is attained in the lower denture, as well as the upper denture, in 80% of the cases. Even in the remaining 20%, SEMCD is the most stable, retentive denture system.

SEMCD can also be used in conjunction with implant retained dentures to give superior fit and function.

  • New technique that can attain suction in both upper and lower dentures
  • No surgery
  • 8 out of 10 can attain suction on the lower denture.
  • 100% more stable
  • Expect the best fitting dentures available today

What is SEMCD?

Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures is a new technique that can attain suction in both upper and lower dentures.

How does it work?

It uses tissues to create a seal all of the way around the denture.

Can all Denturist fo this?

Only those that have been SEMCD certified.

Is there surgery involved?

No there is no surgery, clinician guides the patient through the impression process, using mouth movements and sounds in order to achieve an accurate custom fit.

Does it work on everyone?

Eight out of then patients can attain suction on the lower denture.

What if I don't get suction?

Even if suction is not achieved, Suction Effective Dentures are 100% more stable than the conventional type.

Can you refit my old dentures to give me suction?

Possibly, however that is something that requires an examination by your clinician.

I have a large amount of bone loss, can this technique help me?

Yes, suction is not contingent on the amount of bone, but relies more on the surrounding tissue.

I have implants, can I benefit from Suction Dentures?

Yes, Suction Dentures create a food safe seal all of the way around the denture preventing food from getting underneath, giving ultimate stability and retention.

What can I expect from suction dentures?

You can expect the best fitting dentures available today.

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