Standard Dentures vs. Precision Dentures

One of the decisions that you will have to make when the time comes to have new dentures made is if you will have Standard Dentures or Precision Dentures.

There are some key points to consider when trying to make a decision between these two types of dentures.

Standard Dentures meet dental standards, hence the name. The materials used to make Standard Dentures are not as dense, or as high quality as the material used to make Precision Dentures. The teeth used in Standard Dentures will wear much more quickly than the teeth used in Precision Dentures, this is due to the process followed when manufacturing the teeth.

Standard Dentures are made on a piece of equipment that opens and closes. Unfortunately, when chewing, our jaws do not follow a one dimensional path. Our back, or jaw teeth move side to side to grind the food, breaking it down in the first step of digestion, before swallowing it.

Precision Dentures are made on a piece of equipment that very closely resembles the human mouth in it’s ability to move in a multi-dimensional path. When certain measurements are made and then transferred to this equipment, it is the closest thing to the patient’s actual jaw, next to the jaw itself.

Another very important point to consider is Standard Dentures have a life of approximately 5 years. Five years into Standard Dentures, the teeth are very flat and smooth, making it very difficult to break down food properly. Unfortunately, because changes take place so gradually, denture wearers adapt and will go many years past when the dentures should be replaced. This can lead to many problems, such as, problems with digestion, TMJ function problems, headaches, as well as neck and shoulder pain. The other thing that becomes quite noticeable is the aged look. As dentures become worn, the denture wearer no longer has the lip, jaw and cheek support as before they had considerable wear.

This process takes 7-10 years with Precision Dentures, giving a person years of extra use, for not a lot more expense. In addition to being a denser, higher quality, longer lasting denture, they are also much more natural looking.

These points should be very carefully considered before making the decision to have new dentures made.