Why You Should Only Use Professionals for Denture Repairs

There are numerous reasons why your dentures can break. Overtime, dentures become more susceptible to cracking and breakage with age, and even if you follow your denturist’s advice with regards to cleaning and storing your dentures.

Dentures are custom-fabricated products that have to fit perfectly in order to work the way they should. They are subject to extreme biting forces, yet balance evenly on the alveolar ridges – the bony parts of the upper and lower jaw that formerly held the natural teeth. In order to ensure their quality, fit, and durability, dentures are made by experienced technicians in a carefully controlled laboratory setting, and fitted by denturists who specialize in this field, such as from the Aldergrove Denture Clinic team.

As you age, your mouth changes shape, denture become a looser fit with the result being the plastic is repeatedly flexed where the suction is trying to keep it in your mouth and as with any flexible plastic, repeated flexing of the same part will cause breakage. There is also a risk that repeated flexing of the acrylic can cause the false teeth embedded in the plate to become loose or even break off.

Fixing it Yourself
As with much of today’s hurried world, you can find repair kits online and at local pharmacies however, there are a number of risks. While many kits contain materials similar to a dental laboratory, repairing broken dentures requires specific skills. Even a small bump can lead to irritation which can lead to permanent damage and bone loss. Botch the repairs and you may be faced with increased repair cost or worse yet, the need to replace the dentures.

Using Glue, Sealants or Adhesives
Chemicals, such as industrial sealants and adhesives should never be used when gluing dentures together as these chemicals are toxic and may burn the mouth or create other problems – a Google image search will turn up some rather scary pictures. Most glues are not made to survive the hostile environment of a continuous warm and moist mouth.

Overtime, the glues that are used to repair dentures will break away from your denture caused from the constant rubbing of food and saliva.

Professional Services
When your dentures need repairs you should go to a trusted denture clinic as soon as possible. Aldergrove Denture Clinic is your source for total denture care in Aldergrove, Langley, Abbotsford, and across the surrounding area. With our on-site lab, we can offer same-day denture repairs and relines, helping you get back to the lifestyle you enjoy as quickly as possible. If you need your dentures repaired, or simply have questions call us at 604‑856‑5155 today.